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"Nothing Says Love Like Testicle Humor" [entries|friends|calendar]
Ted Allen~ Food and Wine Connoisseur.

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Yay! [07 Apr 2010|05:26pm]

Mr. Ted announced the new season of chopped in his official Facebook page. *dances around*
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[18 Jun 2007|05:15pm]

Okay so where is everyone? BIG TED NEWS!

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Midget Ted [13 Jul 2006|06:02pm]

Ted Allen action figure. Almost new. Fully poseable. Comes with removable glasses and full sized whisk you can use!Collapse )
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happy birthday [17 May 2006|01:35am]
have a great 41 birthday i hope ted have a great one
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[18 Feb 2006|08:43pm]

[ mood | oh my gosh ]

I am so obssed with Ted Allen. But I have a question does anyone have a good picture of Ted's ring?????? I need it for a story I'm writting if anyone has one if they would be so kind as to point me in the way to get a look of it!!!!!!! Thanks

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:) [22 Oct 2005|01:28am]

[ mood | tired ]

I met Ted in NYC. Anyone who cares, follow the cut.

Cross-posted to queereye.


:)Collapse )

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Ted Tidbits [20 Oct 2005|07:00pm]

A truly excellent conversational interview with Ted from Slashfood

Food expert looks beyond labels

Palm Beach Post interviewCollapse )
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[10 Oct 2005|10:15pm]

Tomorrow, Ted's new book will be released to the masses. You can pre-order the book at the Amazon website, where you can see him pimp his book in a video or take a gander at a few of his recipes, or at Ted's official website, where you can get news and a listing of his tour stops. The following is all the latest known information so far relating to The Food You Want To Eat:

TV Appearances
  • Oct. 12: The Today Show - Book promotion

  • Nov. 27: The Weekend Today Show - Holiday Kitchen segment

  • Ted and/or Book Mentions in Publications
  • September issue of Self

  • October issue of Health

  • November issue of Bon Appétit

  • November (?) issue of Esquire

  • November issue of For Me

  • November issue of Pilates Style

  • December issue of Good Housekeeping

  • December issue of Marie Claire

  • Fall issue of Florida Life

  • Book SigningsCollapse )
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    [19 Sep 2005|09:24pm]

    Ted waxes poetic about Gorgonzola in his latest article for Esquire.

    Another Esquire piece from the July issue: How to Barbecue Like a BrazilianCollapse )
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    [12 Aug 2005|11:26pm]

    It's getting closer to October and the publicity train for Ted's new book is starting to gear up. You know what that means -- a book tour! Ted will be visiting cities like Carmel, Princeton, Chicago, and Atlanta (California is getting some special treatment with six scheduled stops). Here are the signings that Random House has listed so far (times subject to change, locations may be added, etc.):

    have cake, will travelCollapse )

    Other related promotions:

  • A cooking class at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC. The course is called "Remedial Romantic Dinner 101 with Queer Eye's Chef Ted Allen" and is scheduled for September 17th. Unfortunately, it's already full to capacity. :(

  • A cooking demonstration and signing at the Texas Book Festival in Austin. The event is part of the "Bon Appetit Y'all Tent" and will take place on October 29th and/or 30th. Yay for being in my neck of the woods. :)

  • Cross-posted to queereye.
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    Autographed Queer Eye Book [02 Jul 2005|12:01am]

    Signed Queer Eye Book For Auction

    Help! [05 Jun 2005|12:13pm]

    Could anyone send me an mp3 of the theme song of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? THe full version of it. I lost my QEftSG cd *going nuts, I am*, and I'm gonna sing it for a production! Please help! I need it by Thursday...

    wynter_archer@yahoo.com or csi_jassic126@yahoo.com

    Thanks! I really appreciate it.
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    [20 May 2005|10:11pm]

    [ mood | blah ]

    Happy birthday TED! He turns 40 today ^_^

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    Happy Birthday To Ky! [05 May 2005|11:37am]

    [ mood | energetic ]

    Since no one seems to have noticed yet... Let's all give a big, boisterous "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!" to Kyan! The transcendentally hott grooming god turns a still-young 35 today :) My best bud and I are celebrating with cake and all the trimmings... ^_^ Anyone else throwing a bash?

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    Hello! [17 Apr 2005|07:38pm]

    [ mood | calm ]

    Hey! I just joined - my names Kit, and I adore Ted. He makes me happy. ^^

    C'mon community - wake up! *pokes slow community*

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    [19 Nov 2004|10:20pm]

    [ mood | cheerful ]

    hey new here. I love ted to death. he inspired me to start to love cooking so much. i reall want my future to have cooking in it. Maybe not so much as a official job to major in but have my life include cooking bigeer then just making food for dinners. Take classes and what not.

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    [27 Aug 2004|03:46pm]

    The Endorsement: Barbasol
    by Ted Allen
    Esquire, Sept 2004

    Are you considering a career in the exciting new field of gay-reality-makeover cable television? Good for you, tiger! Suddenly, you'll notice people hollering things at you from across the street like "[your name], Miami loves you!" and my favorite, "Do my husband!" It's a super feeling!

    But perhaps the best fringe benefit of employ with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, on which I'm the food-and-wine specialist, is this: I have not needed to purchase a men's-personal-grooming product since July 14, 2003. Thanks to the exceedingly thoughtful men's-skin-care industry, for more than a year I have shaved with only the finest emollients, tinctures, and poultices available for the daily pestilence that is facial-hair removal, from the staggeringly costly but deluxe mousse from the Art of Shaving ($14 for a tiny two-and-a-half-ounce tube!) to the silky and soothing frappé from Anthony Logistics for Men. Friends, I have tried them all now, and these two are among the best. But not long ago, the largesse of the men's-cosmetics cartel faltered. There I was, wet and shivering before the fogged-up mirror, with nothing to lather with but an ancient, rusty-bottomed can of Barbasol.

    Concerned, I squirted a baseball-sized dollop of fluff into my palm and spread it across my scratchy mug, and—while perhaps lacking in aroma notes of rosemary and lemongrass—the stuff instantly transported me to my father's side, circa age 12. And that was great. Like Old Spice, like Brylcreem, the old-school shaving cream evokes another, manlier time, when boys learned how to shave from their fricking fathers—not from the Bravo network. (You've got to admit, guys, that we're doing the Lord's work here!) And unless you've got crazily bad razor bumps, it's probably all you're ever gonna need. Meanwhile: I love ya, Dad.
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    O_O [08 Aug 2004|12:56am]


    *glomps any and all Tedness* O_O For a while, my background was a Ted Wallpaper- but it covered Ted's face! So...it changed. But I change it a lot anyway.

    Er...Hi. ^_^ I'm Saria, and I'm a Tedaholic. His voice makes me gooey. His abilities make me drool. His gayness makes me wanna get a sex change. I love Ted.

    Ok, I lied. I lust Ted. ^^;; Not even I can use love to express it, 'cause...er..I'm in 'love' with someone else. But I can 'lust' any and all I want. ^_^

    So I do.

    Anyway, hi, hello, and I love you all. ^_^ And I do mean love- just not like -that-. Er...sorta. O_O Any and all random Tedfacts are glomped on. ^_^
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    [07 Aug 2004|03:02pm]

    For this month's special package on the heart, contributing editor TED ALLEN reports on a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), in which the heart's septum is dangerously enlarged, blocking the flow of blood and, in many cases, causing death. The disease, which affects one in five hundred people, tends to be an inherited condition and is a leading cause of sudden death among young athletes. Allen traveled to Prague, where he interviewed an American expatriate with HCM who recently underwent a cutting-edge procedure called alcohol septal ablation, in which German cardiologist Hubert Seggewiss inflicted a small heart attack in order to kill the excess tissue. "You've taken an oath to first do no harm, and here you are about to very delicately cause a heart attack on a patient who is wide-awake and watching you," says Allen. "It's incredibly dramatic and just so alien to people. It made me really consider my own mortality."

    The Coronary EventCollapse )
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    Meep? [14 Jul 2004|09:46pm]

    [ mood | geeky ]

    Hello! I'm Megh. I just joined. Ted makes me happy. O.o *cuddles him* Mrrr.

    Anyway, this is starting to bug me, does anyone know whether Ted wears his ring on his right hand or his left? 'cause I'm coming up pretty half and half in photos and interviews and on QE and such. Does he switch it back and forth for any real reason? Or am I just delusional and a crazed stalker? *blinks* Any theories would be appreciated. ^^'

    Lovely place you have here by the way.

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