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I met Ted in NYC. Anyone who cares, follow the cut.

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*Extreme fangirling ahead. You were warned.*

So. Wednesday, October 19th, 2005 was the day I lost my 'Queer Eye' virginity. To Ted Allen.

I kind of forgot about meeting Ted until Monday the 17th. It dawned on me during a class. Oops. So, at 4:10 on Wednesday, I got on the Hofstra University Blue Beetle (just a bus) to go to the Hempstead LIRR station. By 4:55, the train was on it's way to Penn Station. After a transfer and many stops - it's only natural - I arrived at Penn Station at 5:45. I then walked from Penn Station (at 7th and 34th) to Barnes & Noble (6th and 22nd.) The walk only took about 25 minutes or so, not including the minute or so that I was down on the ground at the corner of 6th and 27th after taking a fall and ripping a hole in the left knee of my jeans. I'm such a damn klutz.

I got to Barnes & Noble and used the restroom, the returned to the front of the store... where the entire front row was open except for two seats. I sat next to a girl named Michelle and chatted idly for a half an hour.

At about five minutes to the hour - after talking about Barry and describing him to Michelle - in comes in the dude, himself! I poked her and frantically whispered, "Look! Look! That's Barry!" I was so excited. And I have no idea why.

And, finally, at 7pm, up comes Mr. Announcer Man Who Works For The Bookstore. I am not interested in listening. I turn to my right, and not two feet from me is Ted Allen himself. I don't even know how to describe how I felt. Amusement, surprise, excitement... but, there was something else. Calmness. That's a new one for me around celebrities. Especially for Ted being one of the Fab-frickin'-Five.

So, Ted talks about his book. Favorite recipes, easy recipes, techniques, knives, inexpensive but still good restaurants in NYC (Burritoville!? Yeah!), how he just came from the QE set (they're working on an overweight Straight Guy right now named Eric and it will be a two part episode. One episode is from the beginning of his new healthy lifestyle and one episode will be from five months later). He said it was amazing that none of his fellow castmates were there, and that it was great that no one was interrupting and jumping in front of him. (I was MORE than disappointed that no other Fab Fiver was there.) He informed us about QE's heinous shooting schedule and that Bravo ordered another season - 20 new episodes. Then he started "defacing our books," as he called it.

I was second in the book-signing line. (Me? At the BEGINNING of an autograph line? Wow.) My camera's battery was running out, so I ran around the table to get my pic with him first. Some sort of bookstore worker took the shot. Anyway, I then went around to the side of the table I was supposed to be on and handed him my 'Queer Eye' book.

He: "*smiles* So what's your name?"
Me: "Katie."
He: "Katie?"
Me: "Yup, K-A-T-I-E."
He: *begins to sign book*
Me: "I know this is gonna sound weird, but... do you all realize what a huge fangirl-type following you guys have?"
He: "Well, yeah. I actually just got this email from two ladies the other day from the southwest... and they were all drunk and topless. And I didn't wanna really see that. For obvious reasons."
Me: "Yeah, I can understand why. But we're not all like that, I promise. Not many of us are scary. Do you ever, like, visit the websites? The ones made by the fans?"
He: "Yeah, sometimes. Barry tells me not to, but I do. Is there certain ones I SHOULD be looking at?"
Me: *seriosuly considered telling him about the LJ community* "Um... I dunno. Str8girlseyeonthefab5.com is pretty good."
He: "Oh yeah! I've been to that one. It's great!" *hands back book*
Me: "Thank you. Oh. Do you know if there will be season sets of DVDs coming out?"
He: "Season sets? Well, there's the 'Best Of' ones out now..."
Me: "Yeah, but I think season sets would sell so well. With a great show like 'Queer Eye,' you'd think they'd already be out."
He: "Oh yeah, I know. I think they're actually working on it. So I wouldn't be surprised if they came out soon."
Me: "Awesome. Well, thank you so much."
He: "Oh, you're welcome. It was nice meeting you!"
Me: "Nice meeting you, too!"

I looked around for Michelle after I was done talking with Ted, but she had already left. Darn. Oh well. After putting on a sweatshirt and getting a closer look at Barry (not stalker-like, don't worry), I went outside at immediately called a couple of friends who would be insanely jealous and fangirled to them while watching the autograph line dwindle from outside the store.

All in all, a very good night. I'm glad I went. And I was back in my dorm room by 10:00. And the cost of this whole excursion, you ask? $12.


I have more pictures. Ask if you'd like to see some.

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