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Tomorrow, Ted's new book will be released to the masses. You can pre-order the book at the Amazon website, where you can see him pimp his book in a video or take a gander at a few of his recipes, or at Ted's official website, where you can get news and a listing of his tour stops. The following is all the latest known information so far relating to The Food You Want To Eat:

TV Appearances
  • Oct. 12: The Today Show - Book promotion

  • Nov. 27: The Weekend Today Show - Holiday Kitchen segment

  • Ted and/or Book Mentions in Publications
  • September issue of Self

  • October issue of Health

  • November issue of Bon Appétit

  • November (?) issue of Esquire

  • November issue of For Me

  • November issue of Pilates Style

  • December issue of Good Housekeeping

  • December issue of Marie Claire

  • Fall issue of Florida Life

  • Book Signings*


    10/19/2005, 7pm
    New York, NY

    Barnes & Noble
    675 6th Avenue
    Talk and Book Signing
    10/22/2005, 7pm
    Carmel, IN

    Barnes & Noble
    14709 US 31 North Greyhound Plaza
    Talk and Book Signing
    10/23/2005, 12pm
    Chicago, IL

    Sur La Table
    52-54 East Walton Street
    (312) 337-0600
    Book Signing and Cooking Class
    10/24/2005, 7pm
    Naperville, IL

    Anderson's Bookshop
    123 W. Jefferson Avenue
    Book Signing
    10/25/2005, 7pm
    Chicago, IL

    W Chicago Lakeshore
    644 North Lake Shore Drive
    (312) 943-9200
    Talk and Book Signing
    10/26/2005, 12pm
    Chicago, IL

    Marshall Fields
    111 North State Street
    (312) 781-1000
    Book Signing
    10/26/2005, 7pm
    Chicago, IL

    Borders Books
    830 N. Michigan Avenue
    Book Signing
    10/30/2005, 12pm
    Austin, TX

    Texas Book Festival
    Demo and Book Signing


    11/2/2005, 4:30pm
    Dallas, TX

    Sur La Table
    4527 Travis Street, Suite A
    Book Signing and Cooking Class
    11/9/2005, 7pm
    Atlanta, GA

    W Atlanta
    111 Perimeter Center West
    (770) 396-6800
    Talk and Book Signing
    11/10/2005, 8pm
    Atlanta, GA

    Outwrite Bookstore
    991 Piedmont Avenue
    Book Signing
    Westminster, MD

    Random House Book Fair
    1601 Washington Road
    11/16/2005, 12pm
    King of Prussia, PA

    Williams - Sonoma
    160 Gulph Road - Space 5100
    Demo and Book Signing
    11/16/2005, 7pm
    Princeton, NJ

    Barnes & Noble
    3535 US Route 1 South
    Talk and Book Signing
    Miami, Florida

    Miami Book Fair
    Minneapolis, MN

    Mall of America
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    Status unknown

    Sur La Table
    11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave #8104
    11/28/2005, 4:30pm
    Newport Beach, CA

    Sur La Table
    832 Avocado Avenue
    Book Signing and Cooking Class
    11/29/2005, 7pm
    Los Angeles, CA

    10250 Santa Monica Blvd.
    Book Signing
    11/30/2005, 4:30pm
    Los Angeles, CA

    Sur La Table
    6333 West Third Street
    Book Signing and Cooking Class


    12/1/2005, 7pm
    Los Angeles, CA

    W Los Angeles Westwood
    930 Hilgard Ave.
    (310) 208-8765
    Talk and Book Signing
    12/2/2005, 12pm
    San Jose

    Sur La Table
    378 Santana Row
    (408) 244-4749
    Demo and Book Signing
    12/3/2005, 1pm
    Corte Madera

    Williams Sonoma
    1802 Redwood Hwy
    (415) 924-6799
    Demo and Book Signing
    12/5/2005, 4:30 pm
    San Francisco, CA

    Sur La Table
    77 Maiden Lane
    Book Signing and Cooking Class
    12/6/2005, 7:30 pm
    Palo Alto, CA

    Books Inc.
    157 Stanford Shopping Center
    Book Signing
    12/7/2005, 4:30 pm
    Los Gatos

    Sur La Table
    23 University Ave
    (408) 395-6946
    Book Signing and Cooking Class
    12/8/2005, 7pm
    San Francisco

    W San Francisco
    181 3rd St.
    (415) 777-5300
    Talk and Book Signing

    * Includes cities not listed on his website. All times and dates are subject to change and may not take place as listed. Please call for confirmation.
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