Saria Black (saria_black) wrote in queereyeted,
Saria Black



*glomps any and all Tedness* O_O For a while, my background was a Ted Wallpaper- but it covered Ted's face! changed. But I change it a lot anyway.

Er...Hi. ^_^ I'm Saria, and I'm a Tedaholic. His voice makes me gooey. His abilities make me drool. His gayness makes me wanna get a sex change. I love Ted.

Ok, I lied. I lust Ted. ^^;; Not even I can use love to express it, ''m in 'love' with someone else. But I can 'lust' any and all I want. ^_^

So I do.

Anyway, hi, hello, and I love you all. ^_^ And I do mean love- just not like -that-. Er...sorta. O_O Any and all random Tedfacts are glomped on. ^_^
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